Our Tiny Garden 2020

To start the year I’ve set myself a little project for 2020. I will aim to publish 20 photos each month of our small city garden on this blog. I hope that this will allow me to appreciate the details of our little green space and capture the way it evolves and changes through the course of the seasons. I’m particularly looking forward to seeing how the plants I have added to the garden during 2019 establish and mesh together. It will also provide a record of any new features added to the space so I can see what I actually achieve in amongst the juggling of everyday life. Finally, it will hopefully provide a connection to the bugs and beasties I am trying to attract into the garden.

The project is also intended to give me a focus for working on my photography a little more regularly. I enjoy taking photographs and bought a DSLR camera last year with a view to enhancing the images included on this blog. I hope that by giving myself a specific focus I can improve my composition and technique.

Although these blogs will be primarily visual I am also aiming for them to continue to be interspersed with further written pieces on aspects of gardening which capture my imagination. Even though I know that the convention of marking a new year changes little about the circumstances of your life, there is something about it that always provides a spark of optimism. Here’s hoping for a productive year involving lots and lots of gardening!


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