Our Tiny Garden: June 2020


After the wall-to-wall sunshine of April and May, June marked a significant change in the weather with some torrential downpours. I don’t know whether it was the rain, or the cumulative effects of 3 months of lockdown, but June also seems to be the point at which I lost my mojo a bit. I took very few photos of the garden and, to be honest, those that I did aren’t of the highest quality. Still, I’ve managed to cobble together a few which tell the story of June, though to make it to 20 I’ve had to cheat and use some from the allotment as well as the garden.

Our Tiny Garden

The rain in June prompted something of a growth spurt amongst the plants making everything quite lush, but also resulting in some plants flopping over so a bit of staking required. The lawn installed earlier in the year is showing a few signs of wear and tear not least because of our son’s habit of chucking sand overboard from his sand-table. It was always intended to be a ‘working’ lawn rather than a pristine billiard table. I’ve also deliberately left some areas longer in the corners for the bugs.

You Say Clem-a-tis, I Say Clem-ay-tis

The absolute star of the garden in June has been the Clematis which is growing up a trellis in front of the shed. I only planted it in May having purchased it from Grosvenor Garden Centre during lockdown. The cultivar is ‘Shimmer’ which I bought on the advice of the staff there after seeking suggestions for a Clematis that was fairly compact and doesn’t mind some shade. The flowers are a stunning violet colour when they first emerge before fading to a more delicate lilac. I am smitten.

Marvellous Marigolds

I really love French Marigolds and generally grow some from seed every year. Unfortunately the slugs and snails are also rather fond and so I have taken to planting them in elevated containers in a bid to make them harder to reach. The creation above is a wooden palette that I repurposed into a planter propped against the fence. It’s a little industrial looking but it makes use of something which would otherwise go to the dump and it creates some interest and adds height to this particular space by the back door.

I’ve also got Marigolds planted in a couple of hanging baskets, one of which is just outside the kitchen window. As space is at a premium I have some tomatoes in the planter below. The bamboo frame I’ve fashioned for them doubled up handily as a welly drier after small boy got a bit over-excited and ran straight into the water at the beach, resulting in wet feet for both him and me!

Rain and a bit more Rain

Did I mention it rained? Good for the garden though …

Guest Appearances

I’ve been working from home since lockdown began in March. We’re lucky enough to have the back bedroom set up as an office which overlooks the garden and puts us parallel with the tree canopy. Sometimes the garden decides to visit like this Rosemary Beetle that spent an afternoon with me and Microsoft Teams.

Allotment Bounty

We have an allotment five minutes walk from our house which supplements our little garden and provides the space for growing fruit and vegetables. As we get into summer it really starts to produce and we have been enjoying some of its bounty including some great fruit crops.

And finally …

As well as the Clematis the climbing rose we have against one of the fences produced some lovely delicate pink blooms. I grew some Echium vulgare (Viper’s Bugloss) from seed originally intended for the Chester Supertrees project but with lockdown ongoing they have ended up dotted through our garden instead. Like the swaying purple stems of Verbena bonariensis these are great for pollinators.

To see what was happening in the garden in May click here.

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