Our Tiny Garden: July 2020


I don’t really have a particular colour scheme for the planting in the garden. Plant choices are made largely on the basis of whether I like them and whether the bees like them. It’s been noticeable in July, though, that warmer colours like yellows and oranges have come to the fore. These are are complemented by splashes of purple which I think creates quite a pleasing effect.

Achillea ‘Cloth of Gold’

Our Tiny Garden

There’s been plenty of rain around during the Summer, making up for a hot, dry Spring, and this means the garden looks green and lush.

It has to be said that the planting in the garden is a touch chaotic with a jumble of forms all falling over each other. I’d deliberately aimed for quite dense planting and that’s certainly how it is in high summer. Whilst there are plants repeated throughout I have to admit that there are some that could be better positioned from an aesthetic point of view and I may do some editing in the Autumn.

More Marigolds

I remember growing Calendula as a child and feeling pretty darned pleased with myself about it. I waited too long to transplant this year’s seedlings and they were quite leggy by the time they made their way into various pots and other crevices in the garden. They are such cheerful flowers though, and they have brought some real zing.

Planting Combos

This year we have also had the lovely sight of orange clumps of Crocosmia which were transplanted from my Dad’s garden. I really love these arching sprays of flowers and they look great from bud, to flower to seed head. The rich orange of Crocosmia contrasts with the purple lollipops of Echinops vitro in a favourite colour combination. Behind these is the grass Calamagrostis ‘Karl Foerster’ which in July has delicate wispy flowers which catch the sunlight and mirror the flower buds of the Crocosmia.

In the same border we also have the distinctive star-shaped Eryngium, flat heads of Achillea ‘Cloth of Gold’, tall purple and beloved of bees Verbena bonariensis, and clumps of Heuchera seen here with dappled shadows across its large leaves.

Dotted around the garden, I recently added a few annual Salvia picked up at the garden centre to extend flowers into the later summer. In the herb planter Thyme has been in flower while down in amongst the thicket of plants there is a pink Scabiosa ‘Kudo’ sprawling out.

The French Marigolds have carried on flowering consistently throughout July while the tomatoes have also added some further splashes of yellow.

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