About the blog

The focus of this blog is largely on gardening in an urban setting, and particularly the role domestic gardeners can play in collectively improving the urban environment both for themselves and the wildlife with which we share our planet.  The benefits of introducing and supporting plant life in towns, cities and suburbs, where the majority of us live, are significant: from improving health, to helping to protect property from extreme weather events, to providing a habitat for birds and insects, to enhancing the aesthetics of the living environment. This blog aims to explore these different aspects and how we can all, regardless of where we live and how limited our space is, can make a difference.  From time to time I also like to reflect on gardens that I have enjoyed visiting, wherever their location.

About the author

This blog is written by Ann Cooke. I am based in the north west of England and have a long-standing interest in growing plants despite having only ever had tiny gardens in which to do it. I have been studying horticulture and garden design over the past few years and am keen to continue learning and developing my gardening knowledge and practice.  I have particular interests in the best use of limited space for gardening, environmental sustainability and growing edibles. I will be using this blog as a way of capturing and sharing my learning about approaches to urban greening and reflecting on its practical application in my own garden.