Our Tiny Garden: June 2020


After the wall-to-wall sunshine of April and May, June marked a significant change in the weather with some torrential downpours. I don’t know whether it was the rain, or the cumulative effects of 3 months of lockdown, but June also seems to be the point at which I lost my mojo a bit. I took very few photos of the garden and, to be honest, those that I did aren’t of the highest quality. Still, I’ve managed to cobble together a few which tell the story of June, though to make it to 20 I’ve had to cheat and use some from the allotment as well as the garden.

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Lost Words, Lost Spaces

The recently released The Lost Words is a beautiful book which was developed following the decision to remove a number of words describing the natural world from the Oxford Junior Dictionary in favour of those deemed more contemporary. The book has rightly met with great acclaim as it seeks to re-engage children with descriptions of the flora and fauna many of us once took for granted. But it also prompts reflection on the loss not only of vocabulary, but also of access to the world which it describes for the increasing population of town and city dwellers. Continue reading