Our Tiny Garden: September 2020


September delivered the last hurrah of summer with some lovely warm weather and dwindling opportunities to dry washing outside, as it gave way to more Autumnal temperatures. Many of the flowers that had carried us through the summer months were starting to fade but I added a few late additions to extend the season.

Washing Line

Our Tiny Garden

Garden from above

With summer having provided regular rain, even in September the garden has plenty of green.

Garden from back door

In the Pink

In order to extend the flowering season I picked up a lovely pink Hylotelephium (formerly the rather easier to spell Sedum) called ‘Abbeydore’ from my local garden centre. It has clusters of beautiful star-shaped flowers which seem to be as attractive to insects as they are to me. It is a compact variety and I planted it in a pot next to the back door, though it may make its may into a border for next summer. Meanwhile the highly prolific Cosmos that I’d added previously continue to deliver a succession of shiny flower buds and wafting pink flowers.

Vibrant Viola

The ubiquitous Viola that are available in every supermarket, homeware store and greengrocer may not be everyone’s cup of tea, but these orange and purple plants in my palette planter have brought a lot of joy at the end of summer and into early Autumn.

Yellow Fades

Meanwhile the long-lasting heads of yellow Achillea ‘Cloth of Gold’ finally start to fade and the remaining French Marigolds that have been going throughout summer linger as the Autumn rain arrives.

Other late blooms

The sparse but beautiful flower heads on the Hydrangea ‘Magical Flame’ turned from white to pink in September – lovely but I wish there were more of them. I added a few pink and white Cyclamen for Autumn colour while the spikes of blue and white Salvia I included in late summer also kept things interesting.

Tomatoes turning (finally)

I planted three types of tomatoes in 2020 and they all remained resolutely green until finally starting to ripen as the summer began to fade. We have a south facing garden and I grow the tomatoes against the walls of the house so I always assume there will be enough heat even though they are outdoors. I forget though that there is also a lot of shade cast from the tree we have which means they don’t get the sun until mid-afternoon. I may try some at the allotment next year to see if they fair better there.


Autumn brings all the spiders out and we had lots creating their intricate webs in the garden like the orb weaving garden spider below. I know that a lot of people don’t like spiders but I find them quite fascinating and enjoyed getting in close with my macro lens.

Garden Spider

Little Fluffy Clouds

Having a small child in the house often means an early start, particularly with the warm and light mornings of summer. As the days begin to grow a little shorter this at least means having the chance to enjoy some gorgeous dawn skies. This one was actually taken from our bedroom window at the front of the house, so not strictly a garden image – marvellous nonetheless.

Morning Sky

To see what was happening in the garden in August, click here

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