Our Tiny Garden: February 2020


February is such a frustrating month. It teases us with glimpses of Spring only for the weather to invariably be awful and prevent us from getting outside much to enjoy them. February 2020 has been no exception meaning the main view of the garden has been this …

Rain on Window

Still, in the brief intervals of faintly acceptable conditions I’ve managed to cobble together some images of our small garden this month.

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Chester Supertrees

A few weeks ago the fam and I got involved in a bit of community gardening at the Chester Supertrees project, about which I thought I would now belatedly blog. The Supertrees project was inspired by the ‘Gardens by the Bay’ attraction in Singapore, which feature a series of man-made tree sculptures. Singapore is a world leader in urban greening and the Gardens by the Bay are used as a vehicle to raise awareness of the impact of dramatic climate change and the need to promote biodiversity.

Supertrees Banner
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Winter Inspiration: A Visit to Dunham Massey

In an effort to get out of the house on a grey day in the middle of January we decided to make a visit to Dunham Massey.  January is not normally considered the best time of year for garden visits, but a focus on winter interest at this garden provides great inspiration.   Continue reading