Our Tiny Garden: February 2020


February is such a frustrating month. It teases us with glimpses of Spring only for the weather to invariably be awful and prevent us from getting outside much to enjoy them. February 2020 has been no exception meaning the main view of the garden has been this …

Rain on Window

Still, in the brief intervals of faintly acceptable conditions I’ve managed to cobble together some images of our small garden this month.

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Planting Progress!

18 months ago, shortly after the birth of my son, I wrote a blog about my intention to redesign the planting in our tiny back garden. The best laid plans of mice and men! Of course in the general melee of life, parenting and the dreaded return to work, little of consequence occurred during 2018 to progress these grand plans. I did give some thought to the plants I might potentially like to use and did a spot of research into their characteristics and preferred conditions which at least helped to narrow things down. Quaint notions of fully developed planting plans however never materialised.

East Bed Before
East-facing bed November 2017

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